Airborne & Law Enforcement Video Systems
ADV-21 | Compact Solid State Video Recorder

The ADV-21 is a compact and rugged solid state video recorder for airborne applications where excellent video quality and ease to use is prioritized. Two audio channels can be recorded together with either Composite or Y/C video. The recorder accepts both NTSC and PAL video formats.
RCU-21 | Airborne Remote Control Unit

The RCU-21 is an airborne qualified control panel for the ADV-21 Compact Solid State Video Recorder, enabling important Record, Playback, and EMK (Event Mark) functions.
RSC-A90 & RSC-A100 | Ruggedized Color Cameras

The RSC-A90 and RSC-A100 cameras are high resolution cameras that offer the user outstanding color fidelity and full, broad-band response for high resolution color applications in rugged environments.  These cameras are excellent for applications such as flight tests, aerial observations, airborne imaging and as an "eye" for UAV's, etc.
RSC-A310 | Ruggedized Remote Head Camera

The RSC-A310 is a high resolution color camera that offers outstanding color fidelity, and its remote head configuration and user-selectable cable length between the head and the electronics unit allow this camera to be installed in tight places, making this camera the best choice for many applications.
RBC-D2E & RPC-651ER | Rugged Camera Modules

The RBC and RPC series cameras are very rugged and come in compact color and monochrome CCD video camera versions. The cameras are well-protected inside an environmentally sealed aluminum housing with a scratch-resistant sapphire window and are finished in a lusterless desert tan or anodized olive-drab. The housing can "breathe" through a Gore-Tex™ membrane, minimizing maintenance requirements during long-term storage. Special care has been taken to protect the camera from EMI. All sealing o-rings are conductive. The front glass is confuctive coated and all camera electronics are electronically isolated from the housing. All camera lenses have a fixed iris and are available in different focal lengths, offering a rang eof fields of view.
RFPD Series | Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays

The RFPD Series of Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays are video monitors designed for use in harsh environments, ranging from construction and mining vehicles to military armored ground and airborne vehicles. The displays are designed and manufactured to achieve full MIL qualifications.
RPS-77 | Airborne Power Supply

The RPS-77 is a junction box and power supply that facilitates the use of SEKAI ruggedized camera systems and accessories in an aircraft or other vehicles rugged environment. The RPS-77 contains a DC/DC power converter to permit the use of 28VDC power input from the vehicle.