Remote head configuration for installation in tight spaces

User-selectable cable length (Flat or round cable models are  available)

High Sensitivity Complimentary Color Filter

High Resolution (470 Horizontal TV Lines)

Altitude up to 60,000 ft, Acceleration up to 12g's  (operational)

NTSC/PAL or Y/C Video Output

Shutter Speed up to 1/100,000 sec. or flickerless

Wide dynamic range and excellent S/N ratio

AGC on-off, auto white balance on-off
The RSC-A310 is a high resolution camera that offers the user outstanding color fidelity and full, broad-band response for high resolution color applications in rugged environments. Its remote head configuration and user-selectable cable length between the head and the electronics unit render this camera the best choice for many applications such as flight tests, aerial observations, airborne imaging from gyrostabilized "skyballs", and as an "eye" for UAV's, etc. Great low light sensitivity. These cameras offer many standard features in a compact package including: composite or Y/C, high speed shutter (1/100,000 or flickerless); TTL (through-the-lens) auto/manual white balance and AGC on/off switch.