Armored Vehicle Video Systems

With the need for information systems increasing on the battlefield, Sekai has developed several products specifically for armored vehicle applications. Sekai now offers a range of standardized video cameras and accessories for armored vehicles qualified for this harsh environment.

These products are also well suited as sensors for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), several systems supplied by Sekai are already in operation.

Many of our products are COTS based equipment, which we modify, ruggedize and repackage to suit the application. This allows us to utilize the latest technology, but also results in bringing the product to maker faster and lower cost.

Gun Cameras

This family of cameras is designed for installation directly to the barrel of a small-to-medium caliber weapon on an armored vehicle. The cameras are available in a wide range of field of views and can be used for a variety of applications such as situational awareness, verification and targeting.
RVC-01 | Rear View Camera

The rear view camera gives the driver an unobstructed view behind the vehicle. Symbology added to the video image simplifies navigation when reversing. A motorized door on the housing protects the lens from the dirt when the camera is not in use.
Rugged Camera Modules

The Rugged Camera Modules are very rugged and come in compact color and monochrome CCD video camera versions. The cameras are well-protected inside an environmentally sealed aluminum housing with a scratch-resistant sapphire window and are finished in a lusterless desert tan or anodized olive-drab. The housing can "breathe" through a Gore-Tex ™ membrane, minimizing maintenance requirements during long-term storage. Special care has been taken to protect the camera from EMI. All sealing o-rings are conductive. The front glass is conductive coated and all camera electronics are electronically isolated from the housing. All camera lenses have a fixed iris and are available in different focal lengths, offering a range of field of views.
RFPD Series | Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays

The RFPD Series of Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays are video monitors designed for use in harsh environments, ranging from construction and mining vehicles to military armored ground and airborne vehicles. The displays are designed and manufactured to achieve full MIL qualifications.
MBC-128 | Power Supply and Pattern Generator

A control unit provides the cameras with regulated power from the vehicle and also provides a built-in graphic overlay generator. One control unit can support several cameras and have redundant graphic overlay generators. Separating the camera's power supply from the camera, reduces the overall size of the camera and the system cost.