"Selectable" Milliseconds Display

Multiple Mask Selection

Brightness Control

Automatic Error Detection and Correction

Rack Mount Enclosure

Operates with NTSC and PAL Video

Vertical and Horizontal Size & Position Controls

On-Screen Programming

Superimposed or Keyed Video Characters
The IEI-2750/I4 and the IEI-2750/I12 are IRIG-B Time Code Readers / Video Inserters. The units decode 9-digits of IRIG-B (0-365 Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds) and superimpose the data upon a video signal looped thru the units.

A display setting mode allows the user to view the time and date side by side, stacked, time blanked or data blanked. On-screen programming features include setting of date, position, size, brightness, mask selection, daylight savings time, and 12/24 hour mode selection.

The IEI-2750/I4 consists of four independent video channels in a 1.75" x 19" Rack Mount enclosure.

The IEI-2750/I12 consists of twelve independent video channels in a 3.50" x 19" Rack Mount enclosure.