eWindow®️ 360 Distributed System

Complete 360-degree visual situational awareness system

eWindow®️ 360 Pentacam

Complete 360-degree visual situational awareness system

It has long been a requirement from armored vehicle operators to improve the situational awareness for both performance and safety reasons.

Due to small windows and their often high position above ground, it is very difficult for driver and crew to directly view the outside world, resulting in many blind spots, especially near the vehicle. Now, Sekai is introducing a solution that is easy to integrate and extremely versatile, the eWindow360.

eWindow360 allows the crew member to view any direction outside the vehicle from a selectable viewpoint, for example, looking out from any position inside the vehicle or looking back at the vehicle from outside. The image can be displayed either on a flat panel display with a user interface to select the viewpoint and direction, or with a Head-Mounted Display tracking the operators view direction. By importing a 3D model of the vehicle, the image can be shown in “transparent armor” mode allowing, for example, the driver to view a wheel’s position in respect to an obstacle.

The system consists of 5 separate LRU’s, four cameras and one Video Processing Unit (VPU).

The VPU connects directly to displays or existing vehicle video backbone. The system can be temporarily installed and calibrated in just a few hours, allowing integration with little advance preparation. The self-calibration feature also improves performance and survivability in permanent installations.

Always in view

  • Complete surround view using only 4 cameras
  • Seamless, undistorted view in any direction
  • Fast and easy initial setup
  • Transparent armor mode
  • Alternative sensors, color and monochrome
  • Multi-display and HMD support

Sekai is a proven supplier of video systems for military vehicles with tens of thousands of units in operation worldwide.

The eWindow360 algorithms and processes have been widely used in commercial automotive applications and provide a robust platform for the future expansion of features.

eWindow 360 System Flyer

Sensor alternatives

  • High resolution Color
  • High resolution / High Sensitivity Color
  • High resolution / High Sensitivity NIR-Monochrome
  • High Resolution Intensified Sensor
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Combinations of the above

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