Sekai Electronics is Celebrating over 40 years of Innovation as a rugged camera system supplier serving the Aerospace and Defense Markets

Our Newest Products

Sekai cameras are designed, and thoroughly tested to perform consistently and reliably in the most demanding environments. Our cameras are fully ruggedized to withstand vibrations and high G forces, as well as extreme temperatures often below -40 degrees Celsius. Our cameras routinely survive the severe environments of supersonic flights, extreme winter sports, undersea exploration, and high explosive atmospheres.

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Sekai video recorders are designed and tested to record high quality video while operating at the same environmental extremes as our cameras and are specifically designed to work with our cameras.

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Sekai displays products are custom designed to work as a system with Sekai cameras and Sekai video recorders. Sekai displays are video monitors designed for use in harsh environments, ranging from construction and mining vehicles to military armored ground and airborne vehicles. The displays are designed and manufactured to achieve full MIL qualifications.

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Since 1982, SEKAI is a recognized pioneer in the application of airborne video cameras and ruggedized video recording systems, and has provided video products and systems for new and "retrofit" programs on military and commercial aircraft, RPVs and helicopters.


“ Always do more than what’s required of you. ”

- General George Patton