Direct replacement of analog video recorders

Records to commercial Compact Flash (CF) memory

Records one video and two audio channels

NTSC and PAL compatible

Local controls on deck

Low power consumption

Direct, plug-to-plug replacement for TEAC® video recorders

Click here to see a demo clip (internet Version) - 3MB

Click here to see a demo clip (Actual file from Recorder) - 55MB
The ADV-21/ARK is a digital solid state video recorder designed to provide an easy replacement for analog video cassette recorders. The unit has footprint and mechanical fixtures common to many airborne video cassette recorders including the Sekai ADVCR-101 and TEAC® V-80. Electrical interfaces for power, video, audio and discrete remote control interfaces are also common to many recorders. Serial interfaces of old recorders can be emulated upon request. 

Playback is made easy through the removable CF media, with a commercial adapter they plug directly into any modern PC or Laptop. The video can be played back with free commercial software such as QuickTime. 

The ADV-21/ARK offers a direct, plug-to-plug, drop-in replacement for TEAC® airborne videocassette recorders, with much smaller size, less weight, less power consumption, at a low cost, and the advantage of digital technology with no special playback unit required.

TEAC® is a trademark of TEAC Corporation.