Pentacam – eWindow360 Situational Awareness System

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July 18, 2017
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April 21, 2017

Pentacam – eWindow360 Situational Awareness System

360° Situational Awareness System
Ordering# 800-0000822-000

The Pentacam is a ruggedized highly integrated 360° Visual Situational Awareness Camera system designed for military and other ruggedized vehicles. The system consists of five centrally located cameras along with an integrated real-time image processing system which merges the outputs from all five cameras into a single transformed view which then allows up to 6 users to each look in a specific direction.

The Pentacam uses 5 Sony Pregius S IMX546 4th generator Global Shutter CMOS sensors.

Typical Applications
Situational Awareness for armored vehicles.
Remote Mission viewing
Mission Recording and Analysis