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April 19, 2017
eWindow360 Pentacam
Pentacam – eWindow360 Situational Awareness System
August 30, 2022

PoSDI Puck Camera

Sekai’s Power over Serial Digital Interface (PoSDI) camera interface system greatly reduces wiring requirements and increases the reliability of your airborne and ground-based video systems. A single coax cable supplies power and control to remotely located cameras, while simultaneously transmitting digital video from the camera to a remote DVR and/or monitor. PoSDI functionality is being designed into all new Sekai video products, including a wide variety of high-definition and standard-definition cameras, recorders, and monitors.

  • Single coax cable HD camera connection
  • HD-SDI and 3G-SDI compatible video formats
  • Centralized camera power and remote control
  • Reduced weight and system complexity
  • Extend camera connections up to 100 meters / 300 feet
  • Multi camera support
  • All PoSDI video products are designed for Ultra-Low Latency


Rear Connector PoSDI datasheet