Video Systems for Harsh Environments

Sekai is a developer and manufacturer of video components and systems for aerospace and commercial applications. Our standard products can be found here, but we also offer custom video solutions for your custom requirements.
  • eWindow360 Pentacam
    August 30, 2022
    360° Situational Awareness SystemOrdering# 800-0000822-000 The Pentacam is a ruggedized highly integrated 360° Visual Situational Awareness Camera system designed for military and other ruggedized vehicles. The system consists of five centrally located cameras along with an integrated real-time image processing system which merges the outputs from all five cameras into a single transformed view which then allows up to 6 users to each look in a specific direction. The Pentacam uses 5 Sony Pregius S IMX546 4th generator Global Shutter CMOS sensors. Typical Applications• Situational Awareness for armored vehicles.• Remote Mission viewing• Mission Recording and Analysis
  • Date
    April 17, 2023
    eWindows360 Wide Angle Situational Awareness Camera Ordering Part number 800-1000510-001 Works in conjunction with the Sekai eWindow360 SA (Situational Awareness) 360° system Highlights PoE – Power over Ethernet, no power cable needed low latency 3.2 Mpixel (2064 x 1544 pixels) CMOS Image sensor Global shutter – eliminates all artificats and issues commonly assocated with electronic rolling shutter sensors Automatic White Balance, Gain and Exposure Control